Thai Boxing (Muay Thai)

On the island of Phuket there is no shortage of meeting rooms and training camps for Thai boxing called "Muay Thai" here.

I recently had the opportunity to attend a boxing match in Chalong, at Suwit Stadium, and I can assure you that there is an atmosphere, between the very typical music played throughout the meeting, the enthusiastic and loud local audience supporting their protégés and the banknotes circulating in the bays to launch the bets and finally, the violence of the blows given in the ring which is impressive. A definite change of scenery.

All this lasts a few hours with a beautiful series of fights that follow one another without dead time, starting with young people barely 11 or 12 years old and then seeing older competitors who are already well established...

I think you have to attend this kind of event at least once, if only for the atmosphere...

 Many Farangs come to learn...

Many foreigners come to train in these Thai boxing camps, especially French people with whom I was able to exchange and learn some details about the sport.

The level is quite high in general and the amateur who arrives here from his French countryside, quickly manages to make the difference. The teachers are excellent and in a few weeks of training, the boxer will necessarily make progress.

Some pictures taken in one of Rawai's two training camps

It's only training (afternoon session 4pm) but it hits quite hard!

boxe thai muay thai

Des combats de boxe thai sont organisés régulièrement à Patong ou à Chalong. L'ambiance y est vraiment locale, avec de nombreux spectateurs parieurs, dans les tribunes. 

Il faut le vivre au moins une fois pour le plaisir

The Video in Chalong Boxing Stadium

Here is a little video I shot in Chalong a few years ago which will give you an idea of the atmosphere in which we can find ourselves...