About this site...

 Welcome to Rainier-Rawai.com

Here is my collection of photos of Phuket, its beaches and islands, the regions of Thailand, temples and ruins, but also Bangkok the capital. Some pictures in Vientiane in Laos, in Angkor in Cambodia and finally in Bali the island of the Gods in Indonesia.

This site is just my personal photo album... but it can be used as a guide... and help you to get an idea of the place you are looking for. 

It is in fact, the photos of my trips through the country, my discoveries, my good moments too.

Here are only photos I took during my visits. Among this collection of photos (more than 5000), you will find very few borrowed or stolen photos (less than 10).

Travelling around Thailand is a real pleasure and I hope to go back for more discoveries... 

I'm not at all a "backpacker" style hitchhiking on the side of the road. My travels from Phuket are done by car with nights spent in hotels that I book as I go along on a website I've been using for several years (Agoda, not to mention it). In general, I make these hotel reservations on the road during a stopover, in my car depending on where I am. I have never had a bad surprise doing this. 

Below you can see the map of Thailand with all the places I have visited and brought back pictures of on this site... there are also the places I plan to visit soon...

You will notice that this site is without publicity, except for rare exceptions that I add on certain pages, but hating myself to visit sites full of publicity, I will not impose to others what I do not like myself. 

Apart from the pictures you will find some useful information, some advice, some rules to observe in Thailand.

 Although I have been to many places in the country, I don't pretend to know everything far from it. Moreover, if you have any ideas for visits, discoveries, I am 100% interested. You can contact me by email, you will find the link "Contact" in the menu bar at the top of the page... 
I have already noted several sites to discover in the next few days, you can easily spot them on the map below (green markers)

 Google Map

 Planned visits

 Visits made