Kaeng Song Waterfall

 Beautiful Waterfalls....

Leaving Kaeng Sofa Waterfall behind us, we continue our road towards Phitsanulok... Half an hour into our journey, we discover...Kaeng Song Waterfall.

While on the previous site the water was hardly flowing, here, the flow is much more powerful... between these two sites spaced 30km apart, it seems that some rivers had to flow into the Kaek River to increase the flow.

In this month of March, the Kaek River is flowing peacefully... it's the "dry" season... but in the rainy season, the situation is no longer the same and it's out of the question to go swimming peacefully as the river becomes powerful and abundant.

The following pictures were taken at the end of March, it had not rained for a long time.
We are 28km from Phitsanulok city.

On Sundays, locals come to Kaeng Song to swim and enjoy the peaceful river. The renters of buoys (truck tires), vendors of ice, soft drinks are also present, and it is a real small day camp for holidaymakers that you can discover on the banks of this beautiful river in a dream setting.

At this time of year, the river flow is quite low. Local restaurant owners told me that during the rainy season, you don't see the rocks that are so beautiful here... you can watch at the end of the article a local video, with Thai games, doing a rafting expedition... rather impressive.

An equally natural and wild landscape, which I would describe as magical

Phitsanulok being only 28km away, one can meet a lot of young Thai people on a Sunday afternoon coming to have fun in this big waterfall...

Rafting in Kaeng Song or Kaeng Sofa !

This is what a Rafing outing on the Kaek River looks like in times of flood...