KOH LANTA, Krabi Province

 A well-known island...  

In France, people know the name of Koh Lanta through a television game showthat bears his name... thanks to this game the name of this island has become very familiar... but few people finally know anything about this island, even ignore its geographical position, that it is located in Thailand.

It reminds me a little of the Kwai River Bridge... also located in Thailand but many of which were really unaware of its geographical location and systematically located it in Japan, even Burma, but never in Kanchanaburi, about two hours' drive from Bangkok.  

  My Leakage to South in march....

Well determined to avoid once again the polluting and harmful fumes of northern Thailand at this time of year (March), I decide with my little family to go the other way, to the south of the country to change and see something else. 

The distance between Phuket and Koh lanta is only 280 kilometres, which considerably reduces travel time and of course driving fatigue and not to mention the well-known dangers of Thailand's roads.

 How to get there ?

Everyone is familiar with the proverbial expression "All roads lead to Rome".

Koh Lanta is not Rome, but it is very easy to get there from Bangkok, Phuket, Krabi or Trang.

If you are part of the majority of tourists coming from Europe or elsewhere and passing through one of the cities mentioned above, you will easily find connections. 

From airports such as Krabi or Trang, the connections are daily by minivan. The distances are not long, so it is relatively easy to leave.

 Koh Lanta by car...

This is obviously a solution that does not pose any problems. This may be of interest to those who live in Phuket (or elsewhere) but also to those who stay in the region for holidays and have a rental car at their disposal.

Just go to Hua Hin Pier and you will find it on any GPS or Google Map.

  Welcome to Koh Lanta 

Koh Lanta consists of two islands, called:
Koh Lanta Noi (in the north)
Koh Lanta Yai (south)

Between the two islands there is a recent bridge (opened in April 2016).

The main tourist activity takes place mainly in Koh Lanta Yai in the south. All the beaches are located on the west coast of the island, from north to south. The east coast is made up of mangroves and therefore there are no beaches.

The road linking north to south is approximately 25 kilometres long and is currently under construction. There are not 36,000 roads in Koh Lanta, so there's nothing to get lost in. Traffic is quite bearable: the majority of tourists coming by boat or road transfers.
We are far, very far from the crazy traffic of Phuket and even further from that of Bangkok.....

The south of Thailand being mainly Muslim, Koh Lanta does not escape this being, people are welcoming, smiling and I must admit that it is a real pleasure to stroll on this island.

Koh means "Island"
Noi = small; Yai= big

Le Ferry vers koh Lanta et le Pont Siri Lanta Bridge

As for the prices for this mini crossing, the price is quite low: 100 Bahts per Car and 20 Bahts for one person (10 Bahts for Thais, Europeans weigh more...).
No reservation by internet, we go like that... we take a ticket and just wait for our turn.
These small ferries leave as soon as they are full and the crossing takes about 15 minutes.

 Arrival at our Resort...

This is the kind of establishment that can be found directly by the sea. Very affordable price, clean, quiet, we had an easy and pleasant stay there. Restaurant, swimming pool, bar... and direct access to the beach.

 The first views of the beach at our Resort

The vast majority of hotels and resorts are located on the west coast of the island. On our arrival we discover the beach at low tide. Swimming is almost impossible.

 Our first steps on the side of "Klong Khong"

 Klong Hin Beach 

 Bamboo Beach

This distant view of Bamboo Beach, a pretty fine sandy beach.

 Kantieng Bay

 Kantieng Bay vu depuis la route

Along the road and in the heights, there are a few small restaurants installed on the cliff. 
Magnificent views on such a peaceful place.

  Klong Chak Beach

Few people on this beach... simply deserted with a rather original bar as I like them.
This is Last Beach Bar & Restaurant on Klong Chak Beach

   Tanod Cape Lighthouse

Cape Tanod and its old lighthouse are located in the very south of the island. This place is classified as a "National Park" so you will need pay the National Parks tax, which here is set at 200 bahts/person. A little expensive for the few hundred square meters to visit. 
The adjacent park is part of it but has nothing special at the boundary... no interest.

                                                                                    Mu Ko Lanta National Park

   Lanta Old Town...

In the very south of the island, but on the east side, is the old town of Lanta. This consists mainly of a main street with many small shops and Thai restaurants. 

The area is quiet, quiet, beautiful. 

I love these beautifully renovated old neighbourhoods, whether here or in other regions... which have kept a certain authenticity, a certain charm and which give the impression of a two-hourly drink.

Probably my favorite part of Koh Lanta!

A day spent in Koh Lanta

● I liked this island on the whole: the urban traffic is much less than in Phuket or Bangkok, it is not even comparable... it is calm, relaxing, carefree

● I liked the welcome of the people, their smile.

● I enjoyed some beaches further south such as Bamboo Beach or Klong Chack Beach.

● I enjoyed Lanta Old Town a lot

● I didn't like the beaches in the northern part which are very rocky and where it is almost impossible to swim at low tide. If you are booking a hotel, consider choosing a hotel with a swimming pool.

 Places visited South Region...