Wat That Phanom, Nakhom Phanom

That Phanom, located on the banks of the Mekong River, about fifty kilometres south of Nakhom Phanom, has a magnificent temple, probably the most venerated in Isan: Wat That Phanom, which I suggest you discover today...

Worshipped by Buddhists in Thailand, he is also worshipped by Buddhists in Laos.
Beautiful statues, beautiful colors, this temple is really very beautiful.

The white and glittering gold Chedi is a fine example of the Laotian style.
According to legend, the original building was built 1500 years ago
to house an original relic of the Buddha.
For more than a millennium, this Chedi has collapsed many times,
last time in 1975

Using very hard and heavy wood, it takes several men,
to lift and place such a door.
But the final result is most often admirable