That Phanom

  A small village on the Mekong River

Leaving Khon Kaen three days earlier, we arrived in That Phanom, a small quiet town on the Mekong River, this place also marks for us the end of our journey along this mythical river that we have just followed for more than 500 kilometers.

The city of That Phanom, for its part, has no particular interest, except for Wat That Phanom, located not far from our hotel and which we will visit after a good night's sleep.

Quiet city, we are by the river and we will look for a small restaurant for a peaceful dinner with Thai music to accompany us.

Our hotel being located on the banks of the Mekong which is very beautiful at this place, we leave in search, on foot, of a small restaurant...

There are plenty of restaurants to choose from, we are even spoilt for choice...

Fun entrance gates, very original

Finally, we find our happiness easily, at random. Excellent cuisine at a more than reasonable price.

... and even, a kind of rather surprising bar, very messy, overcrowded as possible

Not far from there, the magnificent Wat That Phanom temple 
Click on this link above to visit the related article... the most revered temple in the Isan country,
and which attracts many Thai but also Laotian Buddhists.

Wat That Phanom

We leave That Phanom in the direction of Khon Kaen.
Roads that are always excellent, I would like to point out, at the risk of repeating myself.
The road network in Thailand has little to envy to the networks we know in Europe....

When I see a large rice field, I can't help but stop and take a few shots.
These are magnificent landscapes...... very photogenic!

Close to the rice fields, you can see isolated farmers, in search of river crabs among others....

... and these great green expanses of which I never tire

In these regions, along the roads there are many sellers of bamboo braided objects.... we find the same ones in Phuket, but at what price...?

As for this man, he has just loaded up his moped and is going to tour the small surrounding villages in order to resell his articles...

and also very typical rural vehicles which are multi-functional...
On the road they are used to transport rice or animals... but they can also be transformed in a few minutes,
into a motorised tiller to work the land