Wat Tham Pha Daen in Sakon Nakhon

 Wat Tham Pha Daen - Cut from the mass !

This time I will take you to discover a surprising temple.

A set of giant sculptures, made from the rock of a hill in the Sakon Nakhon region.

Huge, long, superb, impressive, surprising work! there is no shortage of qualifiers. Unfortunately, it is difficult if not impossible to find information on the net about this place....

In the first "building" that can be considered as a temple, the visitor can discover sculptures directly on the rock, 
a job done by local workers, but so superbly done. 
One day, a few sculptors set to work, then the building, as I imagine it would have been built around this huge rock, housing these works and constituting a first temple on this surprising site. 
A remarkable job.
Right next to this first temple, this huge sculpture several meters high representing a respected monk as well as an elephant and a dragon.
This enormous sculpture has become a place of contemplation and prayer.
Despite the impressive size, I am quite surprised at the level of realism of this statue: the monk's head is superb and his eyes are nevertheless superb.
A few meters away, another huge achievement, carved into the rock.
In the facade of this huge rock half a dozen statuettes have been made....   
From below, people have fun throwing coins in the hope that one or the other will remain near the statue. 
Obviously people in case of success will imagine that it will bring them luck.... 
There is even a superb terrace with a magnificent panoramic view over the valley...
Unfortunately, once again at this time of year, the farmers' burns make the panorama almost invisible.
These burns keep ruining these magnificent views for me.
One thing is clear, however, I will now visit the north of the country between May and December...  
January to April are to be avoided for photographers!
Workers in the middle of their work, to build another rather surprising temple too.
It is over 40°C and these people work with a smile.
The pillars of this new temple are made of tree trunks whose shapes can surprise and amaze.
Here, a worker sanding wool....
Located about twenty kilometres southwest of Sakon Nakhon, this site is nestled on a hillside at an altitude of about 400m. Not easy to find on the small winding road, but a GPS or Google Map will serve you well. 
In passing, you can note the GPS coordinates which are: