Wat Nataram, Chiang Kahm

I had long wanted to go for a long walk in the "far north" of Thailand.

Our "Family Trip" that year, was organized in this way, and after two days of driving and 1,650 km from Phuket, we arrived in Chiang Kham, a small quiet and peaceful town where I found time for a very nice evening, my friend Rémi, the first Frenchman I met in Phuket in... 1994. These are memories that remain.

The next morning, we set off to discover a magnificent Burmese style temple made mainly of teak woods in this small town. Time to take some pictures, and we took the direction of Mount Phu Chi Fa and Mount Doi Pha Tang located opposite Laos, at an altitude of more than 1,500 meters.

From up there, the view on clear days is breathtaking and I was already dreaming of bringing back some great photos. Unfortunately, to my great disappointment, the peasants who are burning their land in this season, their herbs made this dream impossible. We couldn't see much anymore. Thus, my photo capital was considerably reduced to shots limited in distance....

But I'm not desperate... I'm already thinking of returning to the region!

  Discovery of a magnificent temple in Chiang Kahm: Wat Nataram

Magnificent Burmese style temple (Tai Yai Style) composed mainly of teak wood

I am still as attracted to these sumptuous and impressive roofs

We left Chiang Kham, and the road that leads us to Phu Chi Fa, leads us to discover some very typical villages

A tree near the entrance of the temple with flowers
with a very pleasant smell