Thepkrasatree & Phuket Road, Phuket Old Town

Phuket Road

This road is one of the main access roads to the city of Phuket... this one arriving directly from the airport. 
Phuket Road is the extension of Thepkrasatree Road.

The main streets of old Phuket are in yellow on this map....

On Google Map: 7°53'01.0"N 98°23'24.9"E

On Thepkrasatree Road, a small klong runs along the road with beautiful decorations. 
A few dozen meters away, you are on Phuket Road, the beginning of the old city of Phuket.
At this junction, the street on the right is Phang Nga Road.
Another view from the same intersection... Phang Nga Road is on the left hand side
On Phuket Road, you will find this Rasta Style establishment... bar, restaurant, life music and pool table.