The Fishing Port of Phuket

 The Fishing Port of Phuket Town

If the fishing ports in France and especially in Brittany or on the shores of the Mediterranean attract the curiosity of tourists, here in Phuket, this is far from being the case.

The Phuket Fishing Harbour is a place completely ignored by tourists, a place where only fishermen, workers and buyers meet every morning.
That being said, I still wanted to go there, just to bring back some pictures...

At 7:15 am, I feel like I must have missed the biggest arrivals...
I am the only "foreigner", the little tourist isolated with his camera.
The eyes are on me, because I denote a little with my beige moccasins that take water and the smell of fish,
while everyone here wears rubber boots.
But I don't feel like I'm being watched at all like a curious beast

When I approach these workers, whether they are docked or on a boat...
I just have to sketch a beginning of smiling, eyes in eyes, and then let's go!
No embarrassment to photograph them, on the contrary, they are happy, it even seems that they are waiting for that!

It is always said that Thailand is the country of smiles...
That's right! That's right!
It is in these remote and typical, "unpolluted" places that we find the most open smiles.
Taking pictures in Thailand is a pleasure

The ice blocks arrive in refrigerated trucks....
before being crushed............. then dumped into the boats

I would have liked to see some big fish, or tuna, crabs and lobsters....
but I probably arrived too late on the spot....

A deserved nap, before leaving for a new tour

For the tourist side, we can't say that this place is really attractive or particularly advisable.
But it was a visit that I found very pleasant, very friendly... because people are welcoming.
And I always find it interesting to bring back some photos that reflect the local life of a place, a country.

  Sea Fishermen

Phuket Fishing Port