Le Grand Tour (1) de Patrick de Carolis

Le Grand Tour (Partie 1) : Thailand

I invite you to see or watch again this superb report made a few years ago (2014) by Patrick de Carolis.

The images are superb and Patrick de Carolis' narration is really interesting and very instructive. A report that I of course discovered a few years ago and that I have just seen again with great pleasure.

Patrick de Carolis sets out to discover the temples and royal cities of Thailand and Cambodia. Following in the footsteps of Rama IV, King of Siam in the 19th century, and the French explorer Henri Mouhot, the host begins his journey in Bangkok. 

He takes us across the country to prestigious places with ancestral traditions and makes us discover incredible sites.

The ordination of young monks, Nakhon Phanom and its immense Chedi which is the highest Buddhist building in the world (127m), the work of the gold flakes, the cohabitation between the modern city and the traditional popular districts: luxurious towers and slums, a visit to Sukhothai and Ayutthaya, the first capitals of the Siamese kingdom, Wat Pho with its famous reclining Buddha and its massage school, the restoration of Wat Prasat and the workshop for restoring the kingdom's works of art. Finally, he shows us an equally ancestral tradition: Thai boxing called Muay Thai...

Splendid images, admirable to watch without hesitation.

Sorry for my non-French speaking friends, this film is in French, but even without understanding the language, the beautiful images in this report speak for themselves.

The continuation (part 2) of this fantastic trip concerning essentially Cambodia and the temples of Angkor, can be found in the "Cambodia part of this site" but also directly accessible by clicking on the following link: