Prostitution in Thailand


Thailand's sulphurous reputation for prostitution is well established....

TVs and the scavenger magazines in search of an audience have been doing this since the end of the 1980s and regularly the same Judeo-Christian verse on sex tourism, paedophilia and the shame of the West is repeated to us.

This article does not aim to determine whether Thailand is the largest lupanar in Asia or not, but simply to try to better understand the phenomenon.

It should be noted that prostitution in Thailand was first institutionalized at the end of the 17th century by the government because of the income it provided. The sex industry developed during the Korean and Vietnam wars. At that time, the American military came to Pattaya for their rest period. Since then, this industry has continued to grow, and a survey has even revealed that prostitution accounted for 14% of Thailand's GDP between 1993 and 1995. It is also good to know that the demand of the local population is much higher than external demand.

Thai people spend a lot of money to satisfy their sexual desire, most of them regularly go to the massage parlour and do not go to karaoke either as well as to sing....

Adventures in massage parlours are nothing to be ashamed of, so losing your virginity with a prostitute is an initiation rite for a young person and frequenting brothels, a form of socialization.

The Thai people undoubtedly have their share of responsibility in this spread of prostitution on their soil. Sexuality in Thailand is something entertaining, Thai society has always accepted concubinage and prostitution.


Today if you tell your family that you're going to Thailand, the first thing they'll systematically think is "this son of a bitch is going to have sex with kids.... "They will then tell you about the mysteries of Asia, about a great geography to avoid tackling the subject. However, we must not hide our faces, many young and old Westerners see the country with a smile only in their hotel rooms and in the bars in the surrounding area. We could also talk about sexual misery in our countries... .

The sex trade is certainly developed in Thailand, but it is not present in the same way in high places like Patpong, Pattaya or Patong as in the rest of the country. If you avoid these particular areas during your stay, you will not notice that the phenomenon of prostitution is more developed in Thailand than in your own country!

Please, let us avoid laborious and harmful clichés! And Above all, do not make generalizations about these girls and women who come from all over the country to sell their bodies...


In the Beer Bars: The majority of these girls work "on their own account". They must stay every evening until closing time and thus consume as many people as possible. These girls are therefore employees of the bar where they work. If the drinks you consume are generally cheap, the glass you offer, called Lady's drink, will be slightly overpriced. The girl will propose you one game or the other, because generally the discussion will be very limited...

The girl sets her rate for her relationship with the customer, This sum will be 100% theirs. It should be noted that the girl is absolutely free to accept or not to leave with her potential customer, just as she is free to set her price according to her desires.

Thus, prices can vary greatly depending on the people and the situation at the time.

Some say Up To You! which means "give what you want"... which doesn't mean it's free. Note the "barfine" that must be paid to abduct a girl before closing: It is a compensation that is paid to the owner of the bar, for the loss of income he will have, with the temporary disappearance of his "employee".

From one bar to another the destination of the fine bar, can vary, in some bars, all goes into the boss's pocket, in others, part is given to the girl, and in many bars these sums are collected in a jackpot, and redistributed equally, among girls who have not had the chance to find a "boyfriend".


The "gogos bars" offer shows in which beautiful young women dance in bikinis or sometimes completely naked.

For only one entry ticket, one mandatory consumption.


More important establishments, body-massage centres offer well-organized prostitution. Here, no ambiguity as in some massage parlours, the client who enters these establishments knows immediately what he expects.

The reception hall is a large room with a window containing young numbered women waiting for a customer to choose them. The tourist having chosen a girl, they go to a room provided for this purpose.


Karaoke (night karaoke) is very popular, especially with Thai people, and if you don't find many karaoke in the centres of big tourist cities, there are some on the outskirts and in every corner of the streets in rural areas. Hostesses are available to accompany customers, discuss and make them sing the wallet.


Many gay and young men and young men, or straight men, prostitute themselves in Thailand.

As with young women, they generally come from the poorest rural areas of the country. This market, which until now was exclusively reserved for gay customers, is becoming increasingly popular with foreign women. Another phenomenon specific to Thailand is related to transsexuality. It is indeed surprising to see the number of "ladyboys" increase considerably. Difficult to accept by society contrary to rumour, their fate is not very pleasing.

With a few exceptions that are making their way through Thai society, a large majority of them end up on the sidewalk to pay for their hormones and prostheses. Of course they are tolerated but the labour market only welcomes them very moderately.

So here you are warned: If a six-foot supermodel with Darth Vader's voice accosts you, stay on your toes.


La prostitution est un milieu difficile, où argent, drogue, et violence sont mêlés. De nombreuses personnes, thaïes ou étrangères sont victimes chaque année de la criminalité liée à la prostitution. Par exemple, la Thailande serait pour les britanniques, le pays ayant le taux de mortalité le plus élevé pour ses ressortissants en vacances. Ainsi, quelques 224 britanniques sont morts durant leur séjour à cause de la prostitution entre avril 2005 et Mars 2006.

Le sida est malheureusement très répandu parmi les prostituées.

Selon une association, près de 3% de la population thaïlandaise souffre du VIH, soit environ 2 millions de personnes. Mal informées, les prostituées ayant contracté le virus reviennent dans leurs villages et contaminent leurs proches sans même le savoir. Gonococcies, blennorragies, hépatites, herpès, champignons divers, La Thaïlande est un véritable bouillon de culture étant donné le flux incessant de touristes qui débarquent de toute la planète pour se satisfaire sexuellement.


To sell your body, you still have to be beautiful and young! Many of these girls of joy change jobs before they turn 30. Most are looking for a farang (a stranger) to share their lives or even get married, who could offer them and their families financial comfort.

Of course, sometimes it's a failed relationship based on money and sex. But once again, let us try to avoid abusive generalities, idylls between foreigners and Thai women remain possible and many couples who have found love now live very happily in France, or in Thailand.


The various reports on prostitution, which sometimes only encourage this phenomenon, give a bad image of Thai women. Even if it is not uncommon to see a young Thai woman in the arms of an older "farang", let us remember that the majority of women are very careful and serious workers.

In Thailand, as in almost all Asian rice and Buddhist countries, women have always had a place at work. Contrary to popular belief, Thai women are known to be able to ensure their financial and social independence, and sometimes even to support an entire family.

 At the Cinema

If you haven't seen it yet, I advise you to watch a film that appeared a few years ago: Lady Bar, directed by Xavier Durringer and which is a very good film about this nightlife in and around Bangkok.

By the same director, Chok Dee, who recounts the life of a young French delinquent who is making his way into the world of Thai boxing in Bangkok...

This 2 movies are in french language...

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