Play Tennis in Phuket

  It is Hot, Very Hot...

Playing tennis in Phuket is not necessarily the easiest thing to do: you have to find a tennis court available, and above all, you have to be able to withstand the heat.

We are in a hot, humid country, with a strong sunshine, and the best time to have fun on a tennis court is in the morning between 7am and 9:30am or in the late afternoon after 4:30pm.

Playing outside these time slots is still possible... it's up to the players to decide.
It is obvious that it will be more complicated to find a court after 4:30 pm, it is, as they say, the big crowd.

To be more realistic, I would say that the majority of people in clubs play mainly doubles, a less violent discipline as long as they like this practice.

The majority of Thai people practice double all year round and I can say that some are very skilled.

To each his own equipment

If you arrived in Phuket without your racket... it's not too bad, we always find a solution here.
Either you can rent a racket in a club or hotel... but it is clear that you will not have a huge choice, you will have to be satisfied with what you are offered.

Some sports shops in Phuket (Central Festival or Robinson) or Patong (Jungceylon) have something to satisfy you. The choice of tennis equipment is not great but you can spend several hours relaxing with the racket you will have found here to help you out...

In terms of tennis shoes, there... it's more the low-end or slightly above shoe that you can find. 
You should also know that when it comes to purchases, tennis rackets or shoes are at the same price as in Europ. Don't expect to get any good deals on this side.

Anyway... the best advice I could give you is to bring your equipment with you. A racket doesn't weigh much after all... it's less cumbersome than a golf bag... and then tennis shoes, it's always useful, but I also know that sometimes you don't necessarily intend to play tennis and then suddenly an opportunity comes along... and you say... ah zut, if I had known...

  Where to play Phuket ?

There are several possibilities:

In Phuket hotels: some hotels accept external visitors (who do not stay on site). The rate is about 300 to 400 baht per hour depending on the establishment. Not including racket and ball rental. Of course a correct but not strict outfit is required. In these hotels, it is often possible, if you are alone, to ask for a partner who will only be a member of the staff (which will have to be paid separately, of course).

In private clubs: There are not many. The price is about 350 baht per hour. Possibility to take tennis lessons with a club instructor.

In the city's clubs: there are two clubs in Phuket-Town that belong to the city. There, the prices have nothing to do with it anymore, difficult to find cheaper.

  The City Clubs

 Phuket Lawn Tennis Club

Composed of 6 hard courts with lighting.

This place can be considered the only real club in the city. Unlike the others, here, there are only regulars (about a hundred members) who play mainly in doubles from 5pm until 9pm. We find the same players almost every day, mainly Thai and a few foreigners.
Regularly, interregional youth tournaments are held on weekends.

Every day (except Monday) from 5pm: tennis school on 3 courts.

Unless you play in the morning at 8am or before 5pm, it is almost impossible to play singles. The atmosphere is double where everyone mixes.

Cost: Club member: 400 bahts/month (including balls and lighting) or 100 baht from time to time.

Important point: only club in Phuket where white shorts and a white t-shirt are mandatory.

 Saphan Hin Sports Phuket Town

Composed of 4 hard courts with lighting.

Significantly fewer members than in the previous club. The atmosphere is also different: more leisure tennis.

Every day (except Monday) from 5pm: tennis school on 2 courts.

Unless you play in the morning at 8am or before 5pm, it is almost impossible to play singles. The atmosphere is double where everyone mixes.

Cost: Club member: 200 bahts/month (including lighting) or 30 baht from time to time.
In terms of clothing: nothing is imposed in terms of colours, but no one plays shirtless !

   Private Clubs

 Intana Court

Composed of 3 hard courts with lighting.

A few years ago, Nut and Jim, passionate about tennis, created this club on a private basis. Playing constantly together in doubles, they have won many tournaments over the years across Thailand.

They give lessons but there are also two other instructors who can also provide tennis lessons either individually or as a group.

The tennis school operates every day (except Monday) from 5pm. For those wishing to come, here too, there are schedules to respect: play before 5pm or in the morning.

Court rental: is 350 bahts/hour (lighting not included)
The hour of individual lessons with a club instructor: 780 bahts/hour
On site also shop with possibility to string your rackets (excellent work)
Bookings or information by phone: 081 895 8703

 Thanyapura Tennis Academy

Composed of 4 hard courts with lighting (Indoor) and 2 hard courts with lighting (outdoor). The best tennis in Phuket!
A real sports centre, tennis is an important part of it.
It is possible to do complete internships of several days with very good teachers.
All information here    The Brochure

 Phuket Sports & Tennis Club Rawai

A tennis court.
Rather Relaxation and family tennis
Also on site is a Beach-Volley field, a lake for fishing, 
It is possible to take tennis lessons. Registration and reservation on site.
All information here:  

Rental of courts by the hour:
About 500 baht/h for non-members (lighting not included)

  Courts in Hotels

It is possible in some hotels in Phuket to use a tennis court without being a guest of the hotel,
including the Hilton Arcadia, which offers its courts...

 Hilton Arcadia Hôtel Karon Beach

Composed of 3 hard courts with lighting.

The courts are located in the very quiet park at the back of the hotel.
You can book by phone, just dial the hotel number 076-396-136 and ask for "Sports Center"

On site also a large fitness room and two air-conditioned squash courts.

Possibility also to take a "Member Card" all year round.

Rental of courts by the hour:
Approx. 350 baht/h (excluding lighting)

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