Wakeboard or Cable Ski in Phuket

In Kathu (between Phuket-Town and Patong) there is an aquatic centre that offers water skiing on a 300m x 75m freshwater pond.

It's a fun outing that allows everyone to have fun.

Children, Teens, Adults, Beginners, Advanced, Daredevil, it's open to everyone!

The cost is not excessive and remains affordable.

No outboard boat pulling you... but simply a system of ropes that pulls you at a reasonable speed around a large pond...

It reminds me a little of the "ski lifts" of alpine skiing, except that here, it is your arms that are used...

This discipline has a name: Wakeboarding!

A serious infrastructure, with all the equipment available.

For the more "daredevil", helmets are available

Impressive !

When you fall at the other end of the pond.... you are picked up with a "Samlo".

Et Plouf !

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