Old Phuket Town, lifeless

 The Ghost of Phuket-Town...

On this Friday afternoon of 03 July 2020... it has been almost two months since there has been a single case of Covid-19 reported in Phuket. The authorities continue their strict regulations and for a long time to come the streets of Phuket-Town, Patong... will remain deserted.

It's sad, it's gloomy, it's desolate, it's scary... words and adjectives are not lacking.

So today I walked through five streets of old Phuket, streets that are usually well-travelled. See for yourself the atmosphere, the desolation, the shops open without customers, the coffee-shops with very few visitors...

Discover with me the streets...

Yaowarad Rd, Thalang Rd, Soi Romanee, Krabi Rd, Dibuk Rd

 Yaowarad Road

The intersection between Yaowarad Road, Thalang Road on the left, and Krabi Road on the right.

 Thalang Road

Thalang Road, which is one of the busiest streets in old Phuket, is deserted. Shops are open, coffee-shops too, but the emptiness is impressive.

 Soi Romanee

I met two young Thai women, having fun photographing themselves... quite common as an activity, but usually the crowd that wanders in these streets of old Phuket is composed mainly of Europeans, Chinese... 
In a few months we will find a normal situation, at least we hope so. We finally notice, and it's obvious, that the presence of tourists wandering on the city sidewalks, taking pictures, sucking an ice cream, sipping a coke, sometimes laughing out loud... it gives life... and the neighborhood is completely different. 

 Krabi Road

 Krabi Road

Small alley overlooking Krabi Road
This very simple alley, which connects Krabi road to a school about 50 meters away... and as I like murals...

 Dibuk Road

There are never any tourists on this place, but I really like this old house that's why, when I pass in front of it at the beginning of Dibuk Road, I can't help but shoot it once again.
The absence of tourists does not disturb the little schoolchildren who have just returned to school.
New painting quite recent that I discover... the Thai people are far from forgetting their late king...
Phuket Ratsada Road