Patong Beach

the largest seaside resort in Phuket, which attracts the largest number of tourists all year round, and where there are the largest number of restaurants, bars, gogos, nightclubs, hotels and shops of all kinds...

In short, we could write entire pages, take hundreds of pictures about this place which is above all a mecca for nightlife in Phuket.

I wouldn't pretend to teach you everything about this city, far from it, but a simple walk on an overcrowded beach, and in a few streets of this city... will already give you a first idea about everything that this city has to offer.

One thing is for sure, I would have a hard time putting this place in my column.... "the quiet corners of Phuket"!

I didn't dwell on bars or massages, because I would need a lot of gigas of storage because these two activities are so developed and my folder on the server that hosts my blog, would quickly be saturated...

No, the bars and massages that are countless in Patong, as well as the hyper animated night life, it will be for another time... that being said, there are many sites that will explain everything, in length and breadth... as they say... there is something for everyone! 

 Arriving from the North....

When you arrive in Patong from the North (Kamala), you walk along the coast called Kalim. You can see the beginning of the long Patong beach (3 km), as well as, from time to time, a liner parked in the bay.

For a long time, every time I wondered what it was like as a boat, where it came from etc... now, nothing could be easier to know everything... just click here to get some explanations...

 Patong Beach

More than 3 kilometers long, Patong beach is full of people during the high season. Overcrowded, you can find everything you need. Between the sellers of T-shirts, ice cream, jet-ski rentals, parachutes, etc., the choice is considerable and for those who love this type of activity, it will be widely served.

 The Beach Road

On the Beach Road, you will find many merchants who are there for a good part of the day, the tuk-tuks you want, here are some... motorcycle rental companies, massage parlours of course, bars, restaurants.

 Thaweewong Road

On Thaweewong Road, which is parallel to the beach road, you will also find there an incalculable number of massages, restaurants and retailers of all kinds. Traffic is heavy at all hours of the day, until late!

 When leaving Patong

Leaving Patong towards the south (towards Karon) you can see the big hotel "Le Meridien" with its splendid private beach, this view just for the pleasure of the eyes because the location and the view are quite exceptional. Otherwise, in Patong you will find dozens or even hundreds of hotels...