Cape Panwa

   Stroll in Panwa Cape

The superb road that runs along the coast towards Cape Panwa is not really known, in any case, it is not very busy but offers a magnificent spectacle of softness with landscapes that I will never get tired of.

No shops, no bars on this road, flat calm if you can say so.

It's a delight to walk around here, early enough in the morning, before the heat gets hot.

Located facing Chalong Bay, and south of the city of Phuket, this walk I am offering you today is really pleasant and could be integrated into the "Tour of the Island" tour offered by travel agencies.
Cape Panwa is at the very end of this road.

The only thing that's a little unfortunate is that this ride is quite short, at most 10 kilometers between the beginning and the arrival at the Aquarium....

The stop at the Khao-Khad tower and the visit of the aquarium added to the walk, this exit can take about 2 to 3 hours without hurrying...

Many agencies offer a tour of the island by van (minibus) but this coast rarely appears on their route, yet the panorama is splendid.

At this point, the Klong Mu-Dong flows into Chalong Bay.

After a few hundred meters, we find ourselves on this beautiful road named.... Ao-Yon Khaokhad Road....

To the right is Chalong Bay, from which you can see some boats, then in the centre, the tip of Laem Ka which is part of Rawai and on the left, the island of Koh Lon

Turning a little bit more than the previous picture, Chalong Bay and the "Big Buddha" (the tiny white spot on the top of the mountain) that dominates the whole region.

These small and very practical shelters allow you to contemplate this exceptional landscape as far as the eye can see while remaining in the shade...

Up there, the Khao-Khad tower....

This tower is located at the top of a mountain at an altitude of about 158 meters,
offers a panoramic view of great beauty....

And here we are, 
all that remains is to contemplate the landscape over 360°.

Back on the coastal road I had taken earlier.
I will focus a little bit on the modern buildings along the road.

Other buildings here and there, sometimes very beautiful

Sometimes quite ordinary... but with a beautiful view of the bay

And then the style of a small roadside restaurant that I love...
Typically Thai, without «bling-bling»

We leave the Khao-Khad tower and arrive a few minutes later at the Phuket aquarium.

Here, on the right, the big white building in the trees is the aquarium