Naithon Beach

 A small haven of peace

On the island of Phuket, there are still beaches on which people do not rush to each other.

If you like tranquility, solitude, if you want to spend a really relaxing day, live at 2 per hour for a few hours... then NAITHON BEACH is the ideal place.

This beach already caught my eye a few years ago... and I still like it as much as ever despite the many constructions on the other side of the road...

Fortunately, the peaceful side is still there... when you arrive on the spot, very quickly you feel a beautiful tranquility, a really enjoyable calm, at the other side of the world with Patong beach for example.

I just made a little getaway there to update my photos.... 

Despite the buildings around, the beach has remained the same: a small haven of peace!

The road to Naithon (from Cherng Talay) is excellent.

Recently redone, this one allows to ride without risk and offers a nice ride on a scooter,
(about 12km from Cherng Talay)

All along the beach road, a few restaurants that look welcoming.
The prices after this long period of Covid, have increased in an incredible way at the edge of the beaches of Phuket.
My advice: check the prices which are usually posted outside.
Le long de la route, une série de vendeurs à même le trottoir dès le matin...

The beach is about 1 kilometre long.
It is crowded, but it is quite acceptable...