Koh Hae or Coral Island

  So close to Phuket

Located in the south of Phuket, and opposite Rawai Beach, this small island is easily accessible after about twenty minutes by longtail boat.

Coral Island, in fact, consists of two beaches: the most popular: "Long Beach" with a length of about 800 meters, and a smaller, 220 meters and more discreet second, "Banana Beach".

On the good advice of a friend, we decided to go directly to "Banana Beach", in order to escape as much as possible from mass tourism...
So here we go to discover this place that I had often heard about and for which I had never really taken the time to venture there... better late than never!

The restaurant: A beautiful achievement

As mentioned above, we disembark at Koh Hae after a good twenty minutes of sailing, and directly on Banana Beach.

About 220 meters long, so not very long... the first thing that surprises is this rather large restaurant with its bamboo architecture...

At noon sharp, taken by a little snack with my daughter, I immediately go to this establishment for which I really had a little crush when I entered it.

The whole forms a kind of giant shell (I suppose) open towards the sea... I invite you to click on the thumbnails under the main picture above...

And the meal, you may ask... Well, quite frankly and at a reasonable price: 2 "Khaopad-khai", a bottle of water, a juice, an ice cream and a coffee for 320 bahts! it's okay, we've seen worse.

While I was having lunch with my daughter, I couldn't help but observe and admire all the bamboo stems that make up the building's framework. Beyond the work and the realization, it is often also the idea of the creator that I admire... and this is really beautiful!

 Banana Beach in Koh Hae

On Banana Beach, there are of course many people, but it is still quite bearable.

 To reach the other beach....

It is quite easy to reach the main beach of Koh Hae, "Long Beach". A forest path along the coast allows you to reach Long Beach after 10 to 15 minutes and without difficulty.

While you're at it, you might as well take a look at this well-known beach...

 Long Beach in Koh Hae

The small forest road dropped us off at the beginning, on the east side, of Long Beach. The first hundred meters are relatively quiet, scattered with only a few vacationers... some pretty nice bungalows are there to offer relaxing stays... but my curiosity pushes me to go a little further and cover a few dozen additional meters.

Very quickly, I will find myself in an almost indescribable human tide in which I make my way in order to take some additional pictures...

 Hordes of tourists

After the first quarter of the "Long Beach" beach, I continue my journey to find myself in the middle of hundreds of Chinese tourists all equipped with their red life jackets... ah, they are not likely to get lost or even drown... pure madness and really very far from being my cup of tea...

 From Rawai

koh bon koh he

 Island Map