Kitesurf in Phuket

 Sliding in Phuket

In Phuket, near Nai Yang, but also in Chalong you have the possibility to practice Kitesurfing.

A sport that seems interesting at first sight, but not necessarily easy.

Some clubs offer you an apprenticeship if you have no knowledge, and I suppose that after a few hours you can have fun...

A Kiteboard website from Phuket:

  A Spotlight on the Chalong side

The "East" coast of Phuket has no beaches. All this coast is very flat, shallow and at low tide, you have to go far between corals and rocks to find more practicable water.

This is the case in Chalong and its bay.... 

In Nayang, another Kitesurfing spot, the problem is not the same because there, we are directly on the "West" coast on the Andaman Sea.

The difference between these two spots is in the wind direction. During the summer season (Dec to April) the winds come from the East and favour the spot of Chalong

So today, at the beginning of December, we are at Friendship Beach in Rawai, Chalong Bay. On some pictures you can see the port of Chalong.

  Low tide at Friendship Beach

In Chalong Bay, at Low Tide, you have to go quite far... before you start, maybe find out about the tidal heights...

  Animation, Compétition

From time to time the Kitesurfing clubs organize competition days. The ideal opportunity to discover this rather surprising sport, which may seem easy... but which is not necessarily easy.
Still admiring the grafitis... this one didn't escape me...

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