Canoe Trip to Phang Nga

 Canoe Trip to Phang Nga

Very nice this outing in Phang Nga Bay, the "Canoe Outing".

The departure is generally made in Ao Po, in the northeast of the island of Phuket on comfortable boats where about forty people take place.

Then, you are invited to join in pairs, a "Boy" in the canoe who will make you discover the interior of the small islands of rocks, sometimes surprising.

You let yourself be driven quietly.

At noon, the typical meal is taken on the boat in a friendly atmosphere.

After lunch, one or two more canoe trips, a James Bond Island tour and a short swim to finish.

The landscape that we discover after a few minutes, is of all splendor.

The "boys" are waiting for their passengers...

At noon, it is the lunch break where a meal prepared by the on-board staff is presented on a rather impressive table.
For your information... this outing (the company is looking for you and taking you back to your hotel)
is about 1,800 baht/pers. Lunch on the boat included.

After the meal, a hook by Koh Tapu (James Bond Island) is offered.
It's time to discover a tiny, but... world-famous islet Dozens of sellers of all kinds of objects await you there....
which didn't exist a few years ago. That's a shame.

But the famous nail is still there... (Tapu in Thai meaning nail...)

A few dozen meters from the "nail", taking a small path, you can admire this magnificent view of Phang Nga Bay....

Just before the return, you have the right to swim in clear, warm water...
a real treat at the end of the circuit!

Koh Tapu (Koh= Island; Tapu= Nail), was renamed "James Bond Island" following some scenes shot (The Man with the Golden Gun - Roger Moore 1974)...
it is true that the name James Bond Island makes people dream and attracts a lot of curious people.
Well done! Well done!