Mount Phu Chi Fa

The Chiang Rai region is very mountainous and among the sites to visit are Mount Phu Chi Fa and Mount Doi Pha Tang located opposite Laos, at more than 1,600 meters above sea level

In 2013, I discovered this place for the first time, but unfortunately, to my great disappointment, the peasants who burn their land and grasses during this period (January to April) make the whole region plunge into a very unpleasant and downright unbearable fog. Taking pictures in these conditions is an almost impossible mission, in any case the result can only be of very poor quality.

I have kept in this article, my best photos of 2013...

In January 2022, back to this high point and a second visit under a blue sky storm... yippee, my pictures are of much better quality and I really enjoy presenting them to you.

I love this place and the views from the top are absolutely fantastic.

 1st Visit... in the fog...

On the road to Phi Chi Fa, we discover some typical villages

  In the heights near Mount Phu Cho Fa

... and here is the object of the crime: these lands that are burned and that stink of the country!

Meo woman, collecting wood with her daughters

At the end of our road, the car park is rather deserted, the visitors are not jostling each other.
The inevitable sellers are there of course...

On the way to the summit, these kids belong to a tribe of Hmong or Miao, or as the Thai call them, Meos, a tribe from China with a large population in Laos

As we pass by, they start playing some indescribable musical notes
Of course, we slip a small piece, this is part of the local folklore

Like all children in the world.... playing with a little miniature in the sand, it's so natural...

All that remains is to walk the few hundred meters that lead to Phu Chi Fa

And here is this famous Pu Chi Fa... at an altitude of about 1600m
half hidden by the fumes, I had to "force" the photo to make it more or less acceptable.

2nd Visit with blue sky!

This time we start our climb to the top with great pleasure. The weather is wonderful, the sky could not be bluer.
It will take us about 40 minutes to reach the summit with a few short breaks to catch our breath.
This kind of point standing up to the sky, is the mount Phu Chi Fa... there is still about 15 to 20 minutes of walking to reach our goal
And here I am... I am at the top. What a joy, what a pleasure, what beautiful landscapes to contemplate as far as the eye can see. It's great.
You can see the mythical Mekong River which marks the border between Thailand and Laos...
Rare visitors met on site...
After enjoying the fantastic views, we return to our car and continue our journey...

 The descent to Chiang Kahm

On the road down from Phu Chi Fa, the views are of course just as superb.
We can see in the distance some fires... those which pollute the country every year in this period.
Here we are at the end of this day which was a feast for the eyes and the last fairytale scenes offered to us by the setting sun only reinforce our pleasure... We take the direction of Chiang Kahm which is about sixty kilometres away... where a room awaits us as well as a long time friend for a very friendly evening... 
How beautiful this day was!

Position of Phu Chi Fa

 The Day Tour

Mount Phu Chi Fa, was on our day trip: Chiang Mai-Wat Rong Khun (White Temple)-Phu Chi Fa- Chiang Kham [329km]

 The Phu Chi Fa Location