A Trip in Sang Nang Manora (Phang-Nga)

  Sang Nang Manora in Phang Nga

A short walk in the forest is always pleasant.

There is peace and quiet, sometimes some strange animals...
but what is always the most surprising thing about these countries is that the moisture in the air makes you sweat easily.

We went near Phang Nga, not the bay, but the city.

This area is called Sang Nang Nang Manora Forest... and is only 100km from Phuket Town...

People from the region come to swim in the waterfalls.

Personally I had planned it by putting on bath shorts... but the problem is that by living in a hot country, I have become even more cautious and the water seemed far too fresh to me, (I would say between 23 and 25°C???) so I left it to others much braver than me.

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