A walk in Vientiane

The Mekong and its reddish water, peacefully waters the city of Vientiane, capital of Laos.

Vientiane is a few kilometres from Nong Khai.

In Nong Khai, you can easily cross the border with your car or leave it in a guarded car park on the Thai side. Shuttles to cross the bridge are regular, and about 20 minutes later you are in Vientiane, taxis are waiting for you on the Lao side...

In Vientiane, there are a few very wide avenues, with very little traffic... nothing to do with Bangkok...

Le Patuxai, Vientiane's small "Arc de Triomphe", built after 1960, to celebrate the memory of war victims.

There's nothing better than a ride in a Tuk Tuk....as long as he doesn't run out of gas!

The National Museum of the Revolution, dedicated to the history of the revolution, to the glory of the party, and to the men who died for their country.

In this small shop with a French brand,I was able to find a second-hand "backpacker's guide" for 100 baht, which made it easier for me to find my way around in this very pleasant little town.

There are still some traces of the French presence here and there,
but few people still speak our language...

 Vat That Luang

The most sacred monument in Laos, the Vat That Luang, a Stupa measuring about 40m high, would contain... a hair of Buddha...

It is not uncommon to meet monks and engage in conversation.
Very curious, they like to ask questions about your country, your way of life.

A little further into town, I found this old house with a very special charm....

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