Koh Racha

KOH RACHA, whose spelling often varies between Raja or Raya....are two small islands south of Phuket ( 18 km): one is Raja Yai and the other is Racha Noi.

The one we are in today is Racha Yai.

At the end of the article, you will find some maps to help you locate yourself....

The boat takes you to Patok beach, about 200 m long, with fine white sand, remarkable.

It is the ideal destination for a day trip.

Half an hour's journey by speed boat only from Chalong or Rawai, and you find yourself in another world.

The main activity on this island is snorkeling (palm mask-tuba) or scuba diving.

In principle, arrivals are on Patok... a very busy beach, with a luxury hotel (access reserved for guests).
If you want to be more relaxed, just go to the other beach, Siam Beach, which can be reached in a few minutes' walk.
See the lan at the end of the article....
The huts in the pure local style, an almost deserted beach, offer a dream landscape, what more could you want?
When I see this panorama, I gladly leave out the brand new luxury Patok Bay Resort I crossed when I arrived on this little island, to walk around and enjoy the beauty of nature that is before me.

Koh Racha on the Map

In yellow dotted line on this map, the route to reach the natural beach of SIAM BAY,
a journey that takes a few minutes, but what a joy...