Koh Phi Phi Don

We can say whatever we want... Koh Phi Phi Phi remains a place that attracts crowds and makes you dream.

The place is magnificent of course, but the success of this island makes the beach black with people, the alleys in the evenings overcrowded.

Housing prices have soared, but in some small local restaurants, you can still find satisfaction both in terms of quality and price.

Koh Phi Don is the largest of the two islands.

Huge choice of hotels, restaurants and other diving clubs.
Little sister Phi Phi Phi Lee is a neighbour, very easy access by longtail boat.
There are no hotels, no restaurants....
You will find a short report for this part in another article...

  A small archipelago

Koh Phi Phi Phi, is composed of two islands only a few kilometers apart.
The largest, Phi Phi Don welcomes boats and ferries from Phuket or Krabi, and offers many hotels, bungalows or other guesthouses.

Phi Phi Phi Lee, on the other hand, remained wild and uninhabited. This is where the fantastic "Maya Bay" is located. This magnificent setting was used as a backdrop to shoot some scenes from a film made a few years ago....

It is very easy to go from one to the other in a few minutes, the means are not lacking on the spot.

  You will not be alone....

If you like mass transportation and crowd bathing in an idyllic setting, Koh Phi Phi Phi is the ideal place.

It had been at least 6 years since I had come to Phi Phi Phi....

In fact, since the devastating Tsunami of 2004, I had not had the opportunity to come back to it.
It is therefore a little curious, and a little emotional when you think of the disaster, that I was landing on an island whose murderous wave didn't give me any gifts!

By sneaking around a little bit, and putting "blinders" on my lens, I still manage to take one or the other picture.
The next morning, we decide to climb to the "Point de Vue"... a rather long ascent (more than an hour), only enthusiasts (or a little bit sporty) go there.

People are not jostling each other that morning on the trail... but the reward for us, at the end of this effort, with the first heat of a beautiful morning, is a wonderful panorama, superb views that I could admire for hours, 
with my daughter.

 Sad Memory....

A few years ago, a terrible event occurred
and devastated this little island.

It was a tidal wave like there had rarely been before,
of unheard-of violence....

But Koh Phi Phi Phi got up well and became a popular place again.

How could we forget these images....

  On The Map

Located 47 km east of Phuket, it will cost you 1000 baht per person (round trip) on a ferry, and an hour and a half of travel time.
This price has remained practically unchanged for 2 years.
The duration of the journey from Phuket to Koh Phi Phi Phi: by ferry, about 1h45 in Speed Boat, about 45mn (depending on the sea state)

Phi Phi Lee 

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