Koh Panyee: A lovely story

A football field on the water at Koh Panyee.......

Koh Panyee (near Phuket) is a Muslim fishing village.

This small village has its own mosque which, due to its concrete structure, is built on land on the waterfront.

Unique in its kind, this mosque with its golden dome and two minarets overlooks the village.

When the village was created at the end of the 18th century, the population consisted of only two families.

Today it counts about 200 of them, i.e. between 1500 and 2000 people.

Fishing is still the main professional activity of the villagers, although the tourist industry in the area is exploding.

The village has a floating football field originally built by children.

A short film was made on this subject, which is as follows....

In a few words, this short video tells the story of the creation of the local football team by building a floating football field, then the idea of going out and confronting others.

Some people thought it was a crazy idea, but the kids believed it.

When they first met outside, there was a great deal of disillusionment, but it was due to a lot of will and courage, 
the kids persevered and the team still exists.


A touching video that reminds me of football as I knew it: with a few friends we too built goals with pieces of wood on a wasteland (but on land...) and every Sunday morning we played small friendly matches, and just like in this film, one day... 

we had the idea to create a team.

Again, someone gave us a set of jerseys, there too we had our first disappointments... but we were so happy!
It was the real neighbourhood kids' football like it is done in so many countries around the world.
The real football, the one you can't escape when you're a kid...
this football without money, without racism, without religion, without borders..."Imagine"