Koh Bamboo

  A small paradisiac islet

Who hasn't dreamt of spending time on a small paradisiac islet...?

Koh Bamboo is one of those dreamy little islands.

To get there, you have several solutions:

  • Speed Boat from Krabi or from Phuket, usually this island is part of a circuit, you will only have a limited time by the organizers of your "tour".
  • If you stay in Phi Phi Phi, it is very easy to get there by Longtail Boat.

The crossing takes about 45 minutes, and there you can spend the whole day if you want. However, in the second case, I advise you to go there early in the morning to be quiet. 

At some point, (around 10am) a large number of Speed Boats arrived and the island was suddenly well invaded.

Come to Phi Phi Phi and do not go to Koh Bamboo,even for an hour... what a shame it would be!

This small island lost in the middle of nowhere is a real earthly paradise.
There's not much to do, actually, nothing... but the colors are so beautiful, that the only thing to do is to sit down, contemplate the landscape, think of nothing, or to put your Ipod on your ears, choose your favorite music, and clear the air...

It really feels like being on another planet, in another world.

We arrive in Koh Bamboo at noon after leaving Maya Bay 45 minutes earlier....

2 boats and 2 speed-boats are parked, it's fine, it's not crowded... so much to say that the island is almost for us at that moment...

It is a delight to swim in crystal clear and truly transparent water.

Around 1pm, the atmosphere is different: about fifty people arrived on several boats.

The little hut where you can buy a Khao Pad is stormed!

For us, it is time to start again....

To locate you:
Koh Bamboo is located 9 km north of Phi Phi Don.
By "longtail boat", from Phi Phi Phi, it takes 45 minutes to cross.