Kamala Beach, Phuket

 Kamala Beach

Located north of Patong (10 km), the road to this long beach is very winding but excellent. In recent years, Kamala has grown into a small town, as you leave the beachfront and the main road is very busy, and buildings have piled up at an incredible rate.

The crowds in high season have become really important... the proximity of Patong is perhaps a reason for this.
Here, in Kamala, there is not really a beach road along the beach like you can find along the other beaches of Phuket. There is a road parallel to the beach, but it is a bit set back and is near the school, south of Kamala.

Catering: overpriced!

A shaded alley in some places and properly laid out (after the big destruction of the 2004 Tsunami) allows to walk on a large part of the area. Some restaurants and shops have been set up...

On the other hand as regards the restoration... mistrust, mistrust! I strongly recommend you to consult the chart of the menus and their prices before taking place, because I can guarantee you that the prices practised in edge of beach are astronomical to the scandalous limit at least it is my opinion. 

It's a shame.

In these places, to give you an idea, a "Khaopad Khai" (one of the most common dishes in Thailand) which normally should cost between 90 and 120 baht is charged here at 290 baht (almost 3 times the price). Compared in Euros, of course it is still quite interesting, but this comparison is the mistake not to make... 

A plate of spaghetti-balognaise (if you have a sudden craving for spaghetti) is normally charged at 190 - 220 baht... here: 350 baht!

So, future holiday visitors, beware because Thailand in some places is not what it used to be.
This remark is probably valid for other beaches in Phuket... so generally speaking, beware of the prices charged on the beach.