Wat Phanom Rung (Buriram)

This magnificent park is located at an altitude of 396 m at the top of an extinct volcano, hence its name, Phanom Rung, which means "great mountain".

A large driveway leads to the main sanctuary, passing through three successive terraces and a gigantic staircase. 160 m long and 7 m wide, it corresponds to the spiritual distance between Earth and the celestial world. This is the Sacred Way.

At the top, you arrive in the central sanctuary.

Prasat Central is surrounded by four galleries with magnificent lintels.
This temple is typical of Khmer architecture, similar to that of Angkor Wat.

The site was restored from 1971 to 1988 by experts who adopted
as a technique to dismantle the monument stone by stone and
then reassemble it using traditional techniques....
a titanic job given the size of the temple.

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