Une nouvelle façon de prendre un taxi à Phuket

Taxis: l'évolution dans le bon sens à Phuket, enfin !

Not so long ago, taking a taxi in Phuket was a real headache, not because of the difficulties to find one... but rather because of the fear of being scammed with crazy prices. Many vacationers arriving at Phuket airport in the evening after a long trip were offered taxis at exorbitant prices, even falling into the category of "dishonesty".
Everybody knew it, tourists, officials, police, in short... not very fair... and finally, we can't say that it gave a nice image of Phuket Island.

So, quite regularly the "very nice taxi drivers of Phuket" asked for a trip from Phuket Airport to Rawai (45km) a completely crazy sum of 3,000฿, that is to say 3 times the price considered as "normal".

Having had the opportunity to go to Bali, I found myself in my turn in the situation of the good average tourist arriving from his town... and there, I was surprised by the atmosphere and honesty of the taxis in this remote corner of Asia. No scams, no crazy prices...

Why is it so different in Phuket? 

About two years ago, the political events that we know, made the army take over the power in Thailand. Very quickly, an orgaisation was set up and one of the first "plagues" that was strongly regulated was all this taxi mafia, the gangrain of the island of Phuket!

Until 5 years ago, it was impossible to find "taxi-meters" in Phuket... nowadays, we see many more. Do they leave the meter running or is the fare there too at the head of the customer as it is very often the case in Bangkok... it remains to be seen.

One thing is sure, the army has started to put the country in order even if everything is not yet perfect and the evolution is visible every day.

A new way to order a taxi with GRAB!

Nowadays... taking a taxi in Phuket has become very easy. Ordering a car while staying at home or being in the middle of the city has become child's play. All you need is a Wifi connection and a GRAB application on your smart phone, which you can download for free from Google Play Store or Apple Store.

I have tested it and I can guarantee that it works very well.
Simply download and install the GRAB application, which you can find free of charge at the Google Play Store, or at the Apple Store.
This app works on both Iphone and Android.
Grab work with Foursquare other app to download as well and will give you lots of ideas of places: Restaurants, cafes & teas, shops, various establishments.

In the "Pick-Up" section, simply find the location closest to your position.
If your position is slightly different, just put a note in English for the driver explaining the way to reach you. Use the box provided "Note to Driver".
As for the "Drop Off" which is your destination location, just find it in the scrolling list.
Immediately the price of the race is displayed at the bottom, in the chosen formula. Here, from Makro Rawai to Phuket airport, the race will be charged at 900฿.
The vehicles on the map above represent the taxis in your area... one of them will be at your door in just a few minutes.

Once you have entered the basic information and the price is right for you, just click on "Book".
Several vehicles in the area will be displayed and after a few seconds, the most available driver will appear on your screen: photo, name, surname, first name... as well as the registration number and finally, the type of car.

As soon as the confirmation is launched, you will be able to follow on your screen the movement of the vehicle heading towards your position.
There is a way to contact the driver directly by phone, if not the driver who will contact you to ask for more information about your position.
Within a few minutes, the taxi is at your disposal.

A few minutes later, you will receive by email, a detailed confirmation of your trip!

So...? no more taxi puzzles?