Chinatown, Bangkok

Chinatown in Bangkok, it is necessary to go there at least once... if only to discover this large typical district, noisy, deafening in places, impressive but nevertheless attracting and arousing many curiosities.

It's 9:30 am, the sun has been high for quite a while.  The green and yellow air-conditioned taxi that we took at random half an hour earlier, drops us off on Yaowarat Road in the heart of Chinatown.

We are directly plunged in the heart of a real anthill ... The traffic on the boulevard is dense, noisy and the heavy heat that knocks us out after a few minutes of walking, already makes us sweat a lot.

Sneaking through the alleys, leaving behind us the busy boulevard's bustle, we find ourselves in places where people move by the hundreds, in silence. We find ourselves completely immersed in the heart of this commercial district, with its shops, vegetable, fruit and hardware vendors...

Here, no shoving, no shouting, no selfies in the face... we are in a kind of silent anthill, or almost, where only buyers and sellers communicate as in all the markets of the world.

A great moment..

   Jewellery stores

Yaowarat Road is the jewelers' street and is said to have the highest concentration of gold in Southeast Asia. All kinds of jewellery: necklaces, bracelets, rings, medallions, pendants. All this gold is presented in red shops, which gives it a beautiful glow.

  Yoawarat Boulevard

Dozens of stores selling everything from car parts, tires, food and costume jewellery (wholesale and retail), hardware, Chinese lanterns and calendars (before the vegetarian festival and Chinese New Year), medicinal plants and teas, noodles of all kinds, gadgets, fashion bags and accessories, shoes, etc..
Along the boulevard, there are also many street vendors...
A view of Yaowarat Road in full activity, and full of colors.
Fruit seller on Yaowarat

  The small alleys

We leave Yaowarat to slip into the perpendicular alleys, where the shops where everything is located are swarming.
We believe we are safe from traffic by walking through these alleys...
But tuk tuk tuk with their characteristic sound will remind you of them.