Restaurant Chung Hue Hut, Rawai

In the middle of a traditional Thai setting

Located in the heart of Rawai, I invite you to discover the Chung Hue Hut restaurant, a restaurant which immediately attracted me, and which reminded me of some other establishments I discovered during my walks in the north of the country such as Khon-Kaen, Phitsanulok, Sukhothai or even Kanchanaburi...

There are very few restaurants of this kind in Phuket in this typical Thai style, which I think is a shame.

So, here are some pictures to make you discover this welcoming and absolutely charming place.

In addition to the decoration, the quality of the Thai meals is excellent with a very good quality/price ratio, nothing to see with the astronomical prices practiced elsewhere on the island...

 Discover this beautiful restaurant

A large car park offers you plenty of parking space. Then discover the restaurant entrance from the parking area... The abundant tropical vegetation already gives an idea of the atmosphere you are about to enter.

A view of the entrance from the street... 

Strangely enough, this restaurant is not very busy yet
First of all, its location in a discreet street (Soi Samakki 2), then its name which is rather difficult to remember... and finally its exterior appearance which looks like a luxurious restaurant and which, perhaps, makes passers-by hesitate... go figure...
In fact, none of this is true
You will find simple, smiling and welcoming staff and delicious Thai food for 150 baht.
This place is a very simple place and you won't risk much to try it at least once.

 A Name not easy to remember

Chuang Hue Hut... not easy to remember, even for me who is and lives in Rawai since a long time. 

I asked the young waiter who speaks perfect English, to translate this name which remains for us completely incomprehensible...

Here is his explanation:

Chuang Hue Hut translated into English means: "After You House". "We called it that because we want you to feel at home". 

This term "After You House" or "After You Home" is an expression coming from the south of Thailand.
In conclusion, the director and the staff want you to feel at home.

As always... people in this country love to be photographed and it has been a pleasure for any photographer, whether professional or amateur, for years.
It's always nice to get together with friends for a good time

Delicious Thai food

The decoration is one thing, but I reassure you... you can eat very well at very standard prices. The team at your service is very welcoming... 

A place where I return regularly and of which I am not ready to get tired...

Location in Rawai...