Angkor Vat

ANGKOR - Practical

Two days spent in Angkor is a short time for such a large site.

The ruins of Angkor are numerous and scattered over a very extensive site a stone's throw from Siem Reap.

To visit these places steeped in history, the tuk-tuk is a very practical, probably the most practical way. 

That day, we randomly chose a tuk-tuk permanently parked at the bottom of our hotel... and I must say that we came at the right time.
Always smiling, always available, he "loaded" us in the morning around 8:30 am and took us where we wanted until 4 pm for the modest sum of 10 US dollars.

A few years ago, a guide would have been mandatory, but this is no longer the case today.

So, for us, it was according to our driver who proposed to us to read his plan, to take us as we went along to the temples considered the most interesting.

To move around inside the site and go from temple to temple,
quite correct small roads that the tuk-tuk imprints at a speed
which has nothing to do with the one of the sometimes "crazy" tuk-tuks in Bangkok.

It's calm, reassuring, and "stress" doesn't exist here...

Very large site: on this plan, if we imagine a quadrilateral as shown on the plan above (red dotted square)
the area is about 7 km x 7 km, or about 49 km2.

Impressive, though....

Expansion of the Angkor Vat plan..

Partial view of the main entrance gate (West)

A Khmer worker, taking a short pose...

An Apsara

Small angelic face of a small Khmer girl

A young Khmer father with his children....

Khmer woman crossed at random from an alley

 On the Map...

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