A Trip on the Klongs, Bangkok

After visiting the "Grand Palais" or the "Wat Pho", it is easy to reach one of the landing stages located a few steps from these two temples.

By the way, if the time is right (although in Thailand there is no time for that) you can stop and sit in the area of the small market and eat a local dish, just to get back into shape...

There are plenty of typical dishes, spicy or not, for a few baht, sitting in the shade of parasols.

Boats are generally quite impressive.
Long, very tapered boats, equipped with a huge, powerful, noisy and sometimes smoking engine, will make you discover this part of traditional Bangkok, with very old houses, made of wood for the most part and sometimes very old.

We meet saleswomen on their small boat trying to sell you, always with a smile, various objects, including drinks...

... and others, imperturbable, who eat their meals on the canal.

... or kids having fun in the water...

... not disturbed by a monitor a little further away looking for prey

A beautiful varan of about 1m50