Street Art Bangkok, Charoen Krung Soi 32, 30, 28 

 Charoen Krung's Graffiti...

Saphan Taksin BTS station is just a few steps from the main Charoen Krung Boulevard which can take you to Bangkok's Chinatown

After a few minutes walk from this BTS station, you will pass in front of the State Tower at the top of which is the Sky Bar, a famous bar offering a breathtaking view of the city. The traffic on the boulevard is intense, noisy and polluting.

Not far from there, you will find the Soi 36 where the French embassy is located, then the big CAT Telecom tower .
... and finally, the first small alley that interests us, the "soi 32" !

 Some works of Modern Art on the walls of Bangkok

Before arriving at the first Soi ("alleyway") very busy with Street Art, I spotted on my way these two graffiti... in the middle of everyday life and people who come to eat a local dish.

  Charoen Krung Soi 32

The first alley (Soi) visited in this Charoen Krung district is "soi 32".

About 250m long, this "Soi" looks like nothing... completely banal place, without charm, rather dirty and very "local". Not sure that at night one reaches it without a certain fear. 

By advancing in this "Soi", very quickly we discover a series of graffitis on the old walls... I let you discover these works full of imagination. 

 Les Graffitis du Soi 32

  Charoen Krung 30, The Warehouse

Tout proche du Soi 32, ce petit soi faisant la liaison entre le Soi 32 et le soi 30... dans lequel on y trouve un Warehouse, un ancien entrpôt transformé en une sorte de galerie d'Art, de boutiques diverse ainsi que de coffe-shop.

J'ai bien aimé l'extérieur, l'ambiance, les couleurs...

 Charoen Krung 30, The Warehouse

Un endroit bien calme, pas de garffitis certes, mais j'ai bien aimé la couleur brique des murs, les quelques plantes vertes... et puis ces jeunes probablement sur le point de se marier et qui faisaient une scéance photo... je me suis joint à eux pour quelques clichés sympa. 

  Charoen Krung 30

On the wall of the Portuguese Embassy, we find this superb work. This time, it's not graffiti, but "Scratching Surface". The artist Alexandre Farto created this work with a jackhammer... signed VHILS...

 Soi 30, Scratching

   Charoen Krung 28

This Soi was also recommended to me but I must admit that I was somewhat disappointed... not much graffiti...

  Soi 28

I always like to see these old buildings that have an apparent charm, a history, a past. I probably wouldn't like to live in them... but seeing them like this from the road, I must admit that it's always beautiful to contemplate.

  The 4 alleyways previously visited...