Sathorn, Bangkok

  Chong Nonsi, Sathorn

On this Sunday around noon, the BTS of Bangkok and more particularly the BTS of Chong Nonsi is relatively quiet... it must be said that today, October 13, it is the anniversary of the death of the king and that the temples are full to bursting... I take this opportunity to make this small tour in Sathorn, a very modern district of Bangkok.

We leave on foot, the station BTS Chong Nonsi because I have spotted 3 places to photograph which are all in the same area, great, it saves my poor aging legs...

We are here :     BTS Station Chong Nonsi, Sathorn  

   Sathorn and its skycrapers...

First place to photograph... the ark of Chong Nonsi... which, at the time I take this picture, is precisely in my back. 

Sathorn Avenue is bounded by two parts, Sathorn North and Sathorn South. The northern part of the avenue begins at the southern end of the huge Lumpini Park, a real Central Park in Bangkok that offers a green area in the middle of skyscrapers. Sathorn Road, a very wide avenue, is the most famous in the capital, served at the northern end by the MRT (underground metro) and by the BTS (aerial metro) station in Chong Nonsi on the border between Sathorn North and Sathorn South.

Sathorn Avenue is bordered by office buildings, investment banks (RBS, Merryl[BK-Sathornroad] Lynch), very high-end residential buildings (The Met) and embassies (Germany, Australia, Singapore). The boundary between Sathorn North and South is at the intersection where an arch dominates which allows access to the BTS Chong Nonsi station. Near this arch, many office buildings are located, including the Empire Tower, one of Bangkok's symbols. Near the BTS station, Bangkok's sky is dominated by the Mahanakorn, a 314-metre skyscraper with revolutionary architecture.

   The Ark of Chong Nonsi

The BTS took us to Chong Nonsi in the heart of this Sathorn district.

In a few seconds of walking, we see the arch that I wanted to discover and be heard... take a picture. A very contemporary architecture that fits very well with the environment of all these ultra modern buildings....

This structure is not exceptional, does not represent much and is not likely to be among the city's top architectural achievements.

Large, curved metal tubes, connected together by other tubes. It's nothing more... or less... than a huge ordinary metal construction, but the very modern style finally fits very well in this context and on the photo side, I must admit that the result is still not bad. 

I'm not disappointed with my trip.

Sathorn Square Building and its surprising glass roof.......

From the BTS station in Chong Nonsi, you can see the Sathorn Square Building. It is a 41-storey office building located at the corner of the Sathorn-Narathiwas Crossroads, Bang Rak District, near Chong Nonsi Station, covering an area of 75,000 square metres, divided into 3 parts, which are stores and facilities on floors 1 to 3, offices on floors 4 to 38. From the 39th to the 40th floor is the Shelawi restaurant.

The building itself is nothing exceptional... but I had the idea to take a closer look at this strange glass construction which could well look like a fuse point... or even shells....  From the outside like that, I would say that this canopy is not ugly and I find that the nicely rounded shape adds a little fantasy and variation to this very rigid area.... 

Curious, I'm going to go for a walk inside....

This is the second point I had planned to photograph....

A few tables and armchairs are there, and you can enjoy a coffee in this place managed by the American chain Starbucks...
as you look up... the view becomes really fun.

  The House On Sathorn...

The House On Stahorn is a large and beautiful house about 130 years old. Built in 1889, 
In 1924, the house was transformed into a "Hôtel Royal" hotel and in 1934, it was renamed "Hôtel Thailand". Later in the years 1948-1999, it became the Russian Embassy for more than 51 years and in 2000, the Department of Fine Arts studied and organized a building for architectural conservation.

Nowadays, this house is part of the "W Bangkok". 

W completely renovated the building and transformed it into a restaurant and bar under the name The House on Sathorn.

Lost in the middle of Bangkok's skyscrapers in this business district, this old house adds warmth, a certain romanticism, even a breath of fresh air.  

 King Power Mahanakhon Sky Walk

King Power Maha Nakhon was the tallest skyscraper in Thailand until the record was broken on 8 April 2018 by the Magnolias Waterfront Residences building in Icon Siam (height 318.95 metres).
This is currently the 2nd tallest building in Thailand with a height of 314.2 metres, consisting of 78 floors and composed of hotels, shops and flats.
At the very top, on the 74th floor, you will find a "Roof Top" offering an extraordinary view of the city and also a glass platform allowing you to walk above the void.

An article is dedicated to this tower and the sky walk: 

Tower Mahanakhon Sky Walk

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