Chao Phraya Express Boat

  A trip aboard the Chao Phraya Express Boat in Bangkok...

There is a boat transport service in Bangkok that takes you to a neighbourhood near the river according to your needs.

From there, you can easily connect to a BTS line or catch a tuk-tuk.

Thus you can go for example from the Taksin Bridge to the Grand Palais in a few minutes and for a derisory cost (40THB/1€)
when you would need much more time in a taxi and the expense would be higher.

The destinations are shown on the map at the end of the article.
At some piers there are crowds, but it's going very well.

And then this means of transport allows you to discover the shores of Chao Phraya... 
Recent or old buildings, skyscrapers, temples etc... a beautiful walk without stress; Another way to admire the capital...

The Memorial Bridge (in Thai: สะพานปฐมบรมราชานุสรณ์) is a lift bridge that crosses the Chao Phraya River. It connects the Phra Nakhon district to the Thonburi district.

It was inaugurated on 6 April 1932 by King Rama VII, in commemoration of the 150th anniversary of the Chakri dynasty and the founding of Bangkok, shortly before the Siamese Coup d'Etat on 24 June 1932. In Thai, the name Phra Phutta Yodfa (สะพานพระพุทธยอดฟ้า)
is the most common, taken from Buddha King Yodfa Chulaloke (Rama I), the first of the Chakri dynasty.

Construction of the bridge began on December 3, 1929, with the Dorman Long company, formerly based in Middlesbrough, England.

The bridge once had a displacement mechanism, now disused.

This large old building, a priori abandoned, innovative, and these modern buildings... a mixture of old and modern, I like it..
The French Embassy neighbourhood....
And these thai-style roofs in the middle of modern buildings... 
This is the pier located at the Taksin Bridge (near the French Embassy)

This huge Maha Nakhon Tower which intrigued me for a long time and for which I still can't decide: Is she beautiful... is she ugly... that is the question...? 
Under construction since 2011, it is scheduled for delivery in 2016.

Reaching 314m high, Maha Nakhon Tower will be the highest skyscraper in Bangkok, surpassing Baiyoke Tower II of about ten meters. A "symbol of trust for all of Thailand", for analysts.

In any case, this huge "set of pixels" will surprise more than one...

The Maha Nakhon Tower is a rather surprising skyscraper.
It is located near the Chong Nonsi station of SkyTrain Bangkok.
Once completed in 2016, it will be the highest construction in the city.
Height: 314 m - Floors: 77
Owner: Pace Development
Architectural style: Structural expressionism
Architect: Ole Scheeren
I find the Sky Bar (63rd floor) at the top of the State Tower, with its golden dome still as sparkling as ever

The Wat Arun that we discover dressed in scaffolding for a big toilet. 

The Wat includes four small prangs at each corner, which shelter statues of Nayu (the deity of the wind) on horseback. The cardinal points are materialized by mondops. The very high inclination rate of the stairs of the central prang attests to the difficulty of reaching the higher levels of existence. Around the prang base, there are various figures of former Chinese soldiers and animals.

The roofs of the Wat Arun temple are decorated with kinaries (female birds with joined hands).

The circumference of the base of the structure is 234 metres, and the central prang (stupa) rises to 82 m.

It is surmounted by a seven-branched trident, mentioned by many sources as the "Shiva trident".

On the second terrace, there are four statues of the Hindu god Indra riding Erawan.

On September 20, 2002, the Rama VIII Bridge was officially inaugurated in Bangkok.
The bridge consists of a single pylon located approximately one-third of the distance from the northwestern end of the bridge.
Address: Bang Phlat, จังหวัด กรุงเทพมหานคร Thailand
Opening date: May 7, 2002
Height: 160 m
Clearance height: 10 m
Total length: 475 m
Type of bridge : Cable-stayed bridge

Phraya Express Boat Chao Circuit

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