Ban Phai, Isan

 Ban Phai (55 km from Khon-Kaen)

This time, we take a little tour in a small corner of the countryside of the great Isan country.
When I stay in the region, Ban Phai, a small town located 50km south of Khon Kaen, is a place where I often go because it is the place where people come to shop and shop.

I like to cross the very local market, rich in colours and smells, and the atmosphere is very typical.
Welcoming and friendly, the people we meet here are always interested in foreigners and as soon as they can, they try to exchange some impressions: they like to know where you come from, what you do, if you love their country, their food... many questions often cannot be avoided, but their joy is often multiplied when I try to exchange a few sentences in Thai to their great surprise.

Walking through the rice fields, contemplating these green landscapes, crossing paths with one or the other farmer, taking a look at the buffalos as they are called here, are always very pleasant moments, as are crossing the small village where I have been going regularly for years, seeing people "tinkering" with objects or even making silk under their house.

Located about 450 kilometers northeast of Bangkok, the Khon-Kaen region in Isan country is a vast flat country, with many rice fields...

View of a typical street with its market, in a small town of the Isan country... 
From the clarity of this picture you can guess how hot it is... and I can tell you that between March and May it is really hot (up to 37 or 38°C) 
There is a large hall for the vegetable market
and also in the alleys, with many parasols to give some shade.
Many of the transport machines date from the previous century... here, time has stopped altogether.

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