Ao Sane, Naiharn-Rawai

  A pretty wild little beach...

ao sane phuket

Located near Nai Harn, this small beach of Ao Sane also called "Jungle Beach" has been a great success in recent years.

To get to Ao Sane: when you reach the end of Nai Harn, you leave the large beach on your left.

You are then in front of the big hotel "All Seasons Naiharn Phuket" with a barrier and a uniformed guard...

Many people turn back to this place because they don't know and think that everything is private from there.

It is not!

Recently, a small road has been built at the level of the hotel and the guard in place continuously, facilitates the traffic at this place. So just take this small road that runs along the seaside and continue for about 800 meters.

You will pass in front of a restaurant-bar "On The Rock" and 700 meters further on you will be in Ao Sane .

By car, it is very difficult to park... by scooter it is much easier.

  The Phuket Beach Map

 Welcome to Ao Sane

ao sane phuket
ao sane phuket
Once the scooter is parked ... here is the first view of the beach of Ao Sane ...
About 120 metres long and facing due south, the beach of Ao Sane is "decorated" with large rocks appreciated by visitors...
These scattered rocks give this beach a certain charm, in any case very different from the other beaches of Phuket.
For many years, the Ao Sane restaurant has been open all day and offers local dishes at reasonable prices.
The small "area" of deckchairs and umbrellas... slightly retyped, which clears the beach well...
ao sane phuket